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An affordable, healthy solution to help ease your lungs and heal your skin.

Why Salt Therapy?


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Our salt spa sessions will help you find the peace and tranquility needed to be able to relax, breathe and revive. Additionally, you can unwind and recline in our luxury massage chairs that offer deep tissue, shiatsu, total body and hands-free massage.

Respiratory Benefits

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Breathing in salt from our halo-generator has positive effects on the respiratory system. When you inhale dry salt particle’s they help transport bacteria, mucus and eliminate foreign allergens, therefore reducing inflammation in the respiratory system. Regular sessions of halotherapy is a way to increase lung capacity, oxygen intake, overall longevity, and take care of general respiratory hygenie.

Skin Benefits

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Salt Therapy is a natural holistic alternative to modern medicine to help manage skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, and Dermatitis. When you expose your skin to the salt therapy, dry salt particles will stimulate growth and cell regeneration and ultimately balance the PH in the skin as well as reduce harmful bacteria and inflammation.

Our Facility & Pricing

You Can Save When You Prepay for Multiple Sessions. Contact us to learn more.

The Salt Cave

The Salt Lounge

The Salt Booth

Salt, Sound, & Color Booth

Our Massage Room

The Kid’s Room

Includes 1 Adult & 1 child. Each additional adult is $20, and each additional child is $5. Max 2 adults & 4 kids per session.

New! Infrared Sauna

The infrared Sauna is great for detoxification, weight loss, lower blood pressure, anti-aging, cell health, relieving pain, and improving circulation.

Location & Contact

Closed Mondays
11:00AM -7:30PM T-TH
9:30AM -7:30 PM on Friday
9AM-5PM on Saturday
10AM-5PM on Sunday

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