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Discover the Healing Benefits of Dry Salt Therapy
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Feel Better. Look Better. Breathe Better.

Salt Spa & Therapy was created to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. We understand how stressful day-to-day life can be and how it can negatively affect one's health. We’re proud to provide a setting that allows our customers to finally take that moment for themselves to Breathe, Relax and Stay Salty!

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Dry Salt Therapy FAQs

Dry salt therapy is an emerging treatment that offers a number of health benefits. Learn more about salt therapy by viewing our FAQs.

Salt Lounge


Salt Spa & Therapy has created a relaxing environment so all of our guests can enjoy the benefits of our dry salt and massage therapy.

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Benefits of Salt Therapy

Dry salt therapy at Salt Spa & Therapy provides a variety of respiratory and skin care benefits for children and adults.

Promote a Healthier You

At Salt Spa & Therapy, we help our guests become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves by providing dry salt and massage therapy sessions. Our spas are the perfect place to pamper yourself and improve your physical and mental well-being.

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At Salt Spa & Therapy, we have helped our customers live more comfortably with our halotherapy and massage therapy services.

"I seem to sleep much more soundly the nights that I visit Salt Spa & Therapy. I’m looking forward to bringing my friends next time I go."

Eileen | Chester, NJ

"I can breathe better and I cough less. It’s nice to have an all-natural alternative to lots of medications."

Joanne | Long Valley, NJ

"The relaxation and clarity I felt after every visit was amazing. I always look forward to my next visit. This is now becoming part of my weekly routine!"

Dawn | Flanders, NJ

"My husband snores much less since starting the salt therapy. We go together...I get a massage while he does the halotherapy…and we both walk out feeling so much better!"

Liz | Mansfield, NJ

"What a great experience! The staff was amazing and super helpful. I had never been to a place that offers salt therapy, so I had a lot of questions. The staff took the time to answer all my questions and offer me some suggestions for my first visit. I will be returning shortly."

Chad | Mendham, NJ

"This place is beautiful. I would never expect this sort of a place in a strip mall. Very relaxing space. I can’t wait to try the kid’s room for my children, one of whom suffers with asthma….been looking for some medication alternatives to his breathing condition."

Stephanie | Hackettstown, NJ

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