Salt, Color & Sound Booth

The SALT and Sound Booth has revolutionized how we heal our bodies and minds. By utilizing halotherapy (dry salt), sonotherapy (sound), and chromotherapy (color), the SALT and Sound Booth offers total-body healing by reducing stress, increasing focus, and providing relief from ailments such as hypertension stomach pain, depression, and joint pain.

How the SALT and Sound Booth Works

The SALT and Sound Booth is a holistic, drug-free treatment options that cleanses your body and mind, while providing you with clearer thoughts.

  • Halotherapy - Dry salt therapy boosts your immune and nervous systems and detoxifies your respiratory system.
  • Sonotherapy - Using our bone conduction headset, you have access to a library of music curated that support guided meditation and vibroacoustic therapy. Helping you to become more centered.
  • Chromotherapy - Calming colors and light help to relieve stress while alleviating tension.

Together, these three elements will help to align your body, spirit, and mind for a healing experience that cannot be matched. Contact Salt Spa & Therapy today to book your next session.


 15 minute20 minute
1 session$25$35
3 sessions$68$100
5 sessions$100$160
10 sessions$180$300
20 sessions$340$560

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