Dry Salt Therapy for Respiratory Hygiene

The air that we breathe has millions of pollutants in it. Continued climate change is also affecting our well-being by making the air we breathe less healthy. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is the world’s largest environmental health risk. Air pollution is one of the leading contributors to a number of respiratory issues including emphysema, respiratory infections, asthma, COPD, and more.

Dry salt therapy is a drug-free solution for helping those who suffer from certain respiratory issues live a healthier life. Scientific research continues to prove that halotherapy helps cleanse and detoxify the lungs. As a natural absorbent, salt will help strip away bacteria and mucus along the walls of the airways allowing for a fuller breath. The result is more oxygen intake which leads to increased energy levels, more vitality, and healthier living.

At Salt Spa & Therapy, we’ve embraced the healing properties of salt to help provide area guests with a way to boost their immune system, reduce stress, and improve their overall health with dry salt therapy. Our salt spa offers our clients the chance to enjoy the healing properties of dry salt in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Learn more about the benefits of dry salt by visiting Salt Spa & Therapy today.

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